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Understanding the algorithms of Pinterest

Pinterest Algorithm – New Talk of the Town 

The widely famous Pinterest is more than just an app for looking for fresh ideas for interior designing and DIYs but is considered to be a search engine by digital marketers.

With over 450 million active users monthly, Pinterest has gained stardom overnight in the tech world and these numbers tend to increase slowly and gradually, making Pinterest an essential component for expert SEO services by digital marketers. 

What is the Pinterest algorithm you ask? The Pinterest algorithm is a collection of equations designed to figure out which pins appear in users’ feeds based on their search results. Pinterest’s algorithms are continually being optimized to ensure that consumers see the most relevant material. 

Just like other search engines, Pinterest has a search engine by the name of “ Smart Feed” and based on a user’s search keywords, Pinterest algorithms will show the best pins, not the new pins. It determines the quality of pins, ratings, and the placement of the pins on the feed of the user. The smart feed consists of 3 types of pins:  at the bottom are the interest pins, in the middle are the related pins, and at the top are the repins.

Pinterest is one of the most popular social media platforms among the audience. With the rich and right strategies of digital marketing one can utilize this network and its algorithms to achieve its promotional goals and with the help of expert SEO services businesses have one more e-commerce platform to increase their visibility among the audiences and get more recognition in the market. 

How does the algorithm of Pinterest work?

The Pinterest algorithm takes into account several parameters when determining what material is presented to the feed of the user. Mainly four factors determine the visibility of the pin on the users’ feed. These include:

Pin Quality: Pinterest ranks each of the pins depending on its engagement, which includes comments, shares, likes, downloads, and follows. The more people who interact with the pins by liking, commenting, and saving them, the more highly your pins will rank, increasing their visibility on the feed. 

Domain Quality: Pinterest’s algorithm, like Google’s, evaluates the domain quality of the website connected to a pin. The website’s quality will improve if consumers repeatedly navigate using a pin to the website to read your content. In simple terms, the more frequently visited your website is on Pinterest, the more Pinterest will recognize it as a source of quality content and will show it to even more visitors. 

Therefore, the pin quality and domain quality are interconnected and boost each other’s visibility through frequently being clicked and searched. 

Relevance: The relevance of a pin to the keyword query or preferences is taken into account by the algorithm. In light of this, the AI uses terms, descriptions, and labels as filters and it is more likely that the pins that correspond with the search query will be shown. With expert SEO services businesses can use such relevant keywords for searches that put the pin the parameters of relevance on the feed of the user’s Pinterest account making the content more visible to the users’ resulting in more and more clicks. 

Engagement: Pinterest’s algorithm promotes pins with a substantial amount of engagement based on bookmarks for future references, clicks, comments, shares, and downloads along with saving pins. The higher the engagement rates on content the greater visibility on Pinterest is the rule of the Pinterest algorithm along with best ranking status. 

Based on these four elements Pinterest’s algorithm works to rank the content and the website it is linked with to promote it and get more views and shares that identify the content as relevant for the audience. Digital marketers have to put extra effort into reaching the audience through Pinterest as any mediocre content with less engagement rates and less relevance will hide itself according to the algorithm and only the best content will be prompted as ranked at the top of the feed. 

Way to Rank Content on Pinterest

There are a few ways in which Pinterest’s algorithm ranks content among its best pins boosting the popularity of the content posted on it. One has to keep in mind that like other online networks, Pinterest also frequently changes its algorithms from time to time therefore, businesses using Pinterest as a form of promoting platform must be on their toes in terms of changing strategies to stay relevant on the site. 

Using Relevant Keywords

Selecting the right and relevant set of keywords is important for any expert SEO service provider as they study consumer behavior and based on that dig the keywords.  Pinterest can be seen as a social media platform in the eyes of a user but in the eyes of a digital marketer is a search engine. and using the right strategies along with relevant keywords Pinterest can become the hub of promotion and sustaining businesses. 

This implies that businesses should use expert SEO services for the content pins by incorporating keywords that are pertinent throughout the content being created. 

Updated Content

Leaving a platform inactive for an extended period lets the algorithm of Pinterest to be less inclined to promote and post the content. With each date passing the old content posted becomes low-performing material and results in downranking on the platform with each new search. Therefore, the more content is fresh and updated weekly or daily the higher the ranking will be in the algorithm. 

Engagement on Pinterest

Engagement on Pinterest does not mean posting daily but it also means showing engagement on different pages including sharing, likes, comments, downloads, saving for later, etc. One way of engagement on Pinterest is to give replies to the comments being posted on the content shared by the businesses to communicate with the target audiences. 

Grabbing attention

Pinterest prioritizes visual material because it is an appealing feature. An accessible billboard at the very top of search results displays image pins, substantially boosting the prominence of these articles. 

Pinterest is famous for showing aesthetic visuals to its users and it is one way to grab the attention of the audience. These visuals are the face of the further details that can only be visible to the audience if they get clicked. For example, a picture of fettuccine pasta on a user’s Pinterest board is just an aesthetic visual but the real content behind the picture which is its recipes and different ways to cook it will only appear if it gets clicked. So, visuals are important in grabbing the attention of the target audience. 

Writing a brief description with one or more keywords and a few hashtags under the visuals gives an overview of the content behind it and shows the more similar content and pictures of it on their feed. 

Content Worthy of Saving

Content posted on Pinterest should be worthy enough that a user can save it or pin it on their board. With more saves or shares of particular content, it’s more likely that the Pinterest algorithm enhances its visibility to a wider range of users. 

Moreover, content packed with insights for a target audience about a particular topic, product, or service provided by the business grabs the attention of the audience and with the right set of keywords provided by expert SEO services can even rank the content posted to the top of the list with more engagement of it. 

Quality over Quantity

Although consistency is favored by the algorithm of Pinterest, this does not imply that quantity should come before quality. A few excellent pieces of content released each week are preferable to a tonne of uninteresting or poor-quality content that is released frequently. 

These are the few measures that can be adapted for better ranking of content on the Pinterest algorithm and get a wider reach for the business resulting in generating traffic on the websites with expert SEO services and other digital marketing services a business can grow in a completely new environment on a unique platform gathering new audience for the business and its website. 


There has never been a better moment to start publishing impactful, high-converting content on Pinterest, as the platform keeps encouraging a growing variety of content. Businesses may utilize Pinterest to quickly start growing their following and increasing the number of visitors to their website, even though it could take some time to get accustomed to it. You must keep up with Pinterest’s algorithm changes if you want to take full advantage of its features and begin driving traffic to your website. 

Now that it’s clear how the Pinterest algorithm works it’s the right time to begin with your digital marketing strategies on Pinterest and conquer a new world of tech. 

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