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Learn How to Run Instagram Ads in Facebook Ads Manager

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing comprises effectively connecting with a larger audience and communicating with clients using platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, along with other social media platforms. Social media marketing is vital for businesses of all sizes’ marketing strategies and necessitates a carefully planned strategy. Your consumers demand compelling information as well as a chance to interact with the target audience of a business via direct messages and comments.

Successful businesses’ social media marketing empowers companies to personalize their company’s identity while attracting customers back to the website. One can also generate leads and revenues while improving the brand’s visibility with social media marketing. Many companies utilize social media for customer support, and customer services enabling clients to reach them directly to address difficulties and get answers to concerns.

Social media is a vital aspect of any marketing plan, but it may be intimidating for businesses who are unfamiliar with the many platforms. Fortunately, social media marketing is rather simple to understand and does not demand a lot of time or money. Any financial capacity can support a successful social media marketing plan on the condition of knowing the intended audience and frequently providing standard content for them to acknowledge. 

How are Instagram Ads and Facebook Ads Linked?

Since Facebook and Instagram both are owned by Meta, it is not a coincidence that they both are liked as have almost similar algorithms, conditions, and privacy policies.  Social media marketing caters to both these big platforms for businesses to run their ad campaigns effectively reaching the masses. By linking the two accounts, it’s possible to cross-post any content that is, publish on Facebook and Instagram at the same time.

Instagram and Facebook advertising can be jointly managed by employing Facebook’s advertising manager. This one ad service allows advertisers to easily pick multiple target groups and places. Campaigns can be simply controlled, and results may be exported to a website for data analysis.

Whereas, The ads campaign management on Facebook provides several choices for targets, ad sets, and marketing. You have a variety of options to test out, as well as different methods to examine all of the accessible adverts.

Guide to Run Instagram Ads on Facebook Ads Manager

There are certain steps that businesses must follow to make a successful ad campaign and run it on both the popular social media platforms among the rest. 

Below are the following steps for you to follow regarding running Instagram ads on the Facebook Manager:

1. New Ad Campaign

2. Choose the Objectives of the Ad

3. Select the Budget and Schedule of Post

4.  Choose Demographics

5. Placements of content > Placements > Manual Placement

6. Select Platforms > Instagram

7. Proof check Campaign, and Publish


With these 7 steps, you can easily without any hurdles can publish your ad campaigns at Meta and manage them on Facebook.

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