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Achieving Ad Campaign objectives through Facebook and Instagram

Using Social Media Marketing Services to Ultimately Achieve Business Objectives

For companies of all sizes, social media marketing is an effective means of connecting with potential clients and consumers. The world of social media is where consumers discover, research, follow, and purchase from businesses, so if you’re not using sites like Facebook, Instagram, and several other social media networks, your business tends to be outdated in the eyes of a consumer.

Effective use of social media can significantly boost your company’s performance by generating leads and sales as well as dedicated supporters of the business. To achieve certain objectives of the business, adapting effective social media marketing services can never go wrong, a huge number of people are using social media actively daily, and for businesses to achieve their objectives of growth and sustainability in the longer run in a competitive market targeting audience on social media to influence them is setting the path for higher goals achievements for the future. 

Given its extensive use and adaptability, social media is currently one of the best promotional platforms available for businesses of all sizes.

Benefits of using Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns 

Facebook and Instagram are popular online networks that are accessible to an extensive population of individuals, which could be the reason why both of them have billions of daily active users. With such a wide range of users, these two platforms are ideal sources for promoting goods and services by the business for its target audience and cater to the potential audience as well. The immense popularity of Facebook and Instagram among individuals has made businesses opt for social media marketing services to achieve their objectives as both the sites have a sheer volume of users. 

Therefore, a larger group of people to expose your business to and give it a chance as more and more people get to know about the business and the services and products. This not only humanizes the business but also creates and increases brand awareness among the social media audience. 

One of the benefits of both of these platforms is that the audience that is using these sites is ready to experiment and explore new businesses and ideas and is open to using services and goods being promoted on the sites. 

Another benefit of using these two platforms to achieve a business objective is that they have a visual nature. And it is proven that visuals have more impact on a customer than a written context. Therefore businesses showing what they are providing to the audience has given the upper hand to the businesses over the audience as they can now lure them towards the products and services by amazing graphic designing and making it look interesting to avail. Facebook and Instagram are made possible by their visual content, which ranges from stunning images to funny animated graphics and videos. With Facebook and Instagram having billions of active users globally, posts have a very real chance of receiving millions of responses and higher views. Social media marketing services like this help drive traffic to the page as creativity is what matters in today’s tech world that generates more leads, and increases conversion rates. 

Using Facebook and Instagram as ad campaign platforms gives a chance of two-way communication to both, businesses and audiences. People are more prone toward businesses that respond to their queries quickly and social media platforms have made it easier for businesses to respond rapidly to their target audience’s queries. It has become also a way through which consumers share their feedback regarding a product or service they used. This leads to building a relationship between the audience and the business and bridge the gap. 

Objectives of Businesses to Achieve through Social Media Ad Campaign

Through social media marketing services a business chooses the platforms to create awareness about the business, its visions, and its services among the unaware population. Generating awareness through digital marketing strategies can light a spark of interest in business goods and services and can create curiosity among the target audience regarding the services and products. 


The second stage after creating awareness is consideration, that is one thing that a business and outstanding marketing strategies can not control as it is totally up to the audience to think about the business further or just ignore it. 

For that, a business needs to make sure that the ad campaign is something that the target audience can relate to and that it is relevant to the people on the platform the ad campaign is being promoted on.  The objective is to increase website traffic without requiring visitors to take any further action while on it. 

Facebook and Instagram users most probably click on the link provided under the description of an ad campaign yet the conversion rates would be low. 


One of the foremost objectives of any business is to increase the conversion rates. With the right set of strategies, a business can achieve its objective of conversion and generating new leads eventually leading to a purchase. 

This set of factors makes a business take further steps to ensure business growth in the market and make other objectives to achieve. 

Do Ad Campaigns on Facebook and Instagram Work?

Nowadays, most businesses consider Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns to be essential for promoting their goods and services, along with being a worthwhile investment. 

One could presume that Facebook’s competition would make it a less revenue-generating place to run ads. That being said, this is completely untrue in reality. Returned on investment (ROI) for many digital marketers has doubled what they invested in the campaign in the first place. Along with that higher conversion rates, lower cost-per-conversion, increasing brand awareness, and survival in a competitive market are completely worth it. 

On the other hand, the ads on Instagram reimburse for being a little more expensive with their unmatched results, which range from notable boosts in followers to enhanced purchase intent to a vast audience.

For any size of business looking to market their goods or services online, both of these networks are worth the ad campaign money and while you are at it do your business a favor by adapting amazing social media marketing services and understanding the platforms and their active users’ behavior completely.  

How to manage Ads on Instagram and Facebook?

Facebook is one place where businesses can manage all their advertisement and marketing activities all at the same time, all at the same location. It manages the tools that are required to improve business outcomes and engage with the target audience across the app.

Creating ads on these platforms requires a few steps to follow by the marketers. These steps include: 

  • Before beginning the ad creation make sure you’ve access to both of the platforms as well as task access.  
  • Select your business account used for ad campaigns
  • Set an objective for your campaign: three options are provided to you including awareness, conversion, and consideration, all mentioned above in the blog. Instagram also gives you an option to select your target audience.
  • Fill in all the bars provided for ad information and everything related to it.
  • Preview how the ad looks and what it can look like through different formats.
  • Lastly, hit promote to upload the ad campaign on the platforms.

The steps that  Facebook and Instagram ask for further information that includes:

Ad creatives:  Choose a layout, add your image or videos, and complete the headline and body of your advertisement. 

Special ad category:  In this businesses have to inform about the type of ads, deciding whether the ad is a business ad campaign, an employment ad, or any other kind of campaign. 

Audience:  Based on various attributes, including their location, gender, age group, and interests, you can choose who should see the advertisement. Businesses can choose from an audience built specifically for the business, like users who visited the Page or can choose from an audience already used.

Posting schedule: Facebook and Instagram give a feature for posting and managing the time of post best suited for the target audience engagement time. Digital marketers have the option to schedule posts and stories, save them as drafts, or share creative content to the media library to publish at a time later when your audience is most active.

Budget:  Decide on an everyday spending limit. how much the business will spend every day on the ad campaign for the duration of it. The estimated audience targeted for that ad campaign might vary depending on how much budget is chosen for the day. 

Payment: Choose the business account to be charged for advertisement and the payment method businesses wish to use. One might be asked to choose the currency as well.

Privacy policy: Businesses can include their company’s privacy statement right in their advertisement if it exists. To include the policy with an advertisement, fill in the space provided with the title of your policy and a link to it.

Review Your Ad

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram give you the option to review the ad campaign that has been posted by the businesses. It shows certain aspects of the ad and gives you statistics regarding the ad’s performance. 

Status:  Check the status of the advertisement, including whether it is active or being reviewed. An advertisement can be made inactive by turning it off. The advertisement will end.

Information of ad campaign: View details about the ad campaign, including its duration, target audience, and placements on the page. 

Ad preview: View the various placements for the ad campaign and the details that come with it.

Audience: View the performance of the ad campaign for the target audiences based on gender, age, placement, and location.

Result: For an overview of the performance of the advertisement over a specified period and the total sum of money spent on it, click View Results.


If the goal is to survive the longest in the market, it is important for a business to explore new avenues of marketing, and with the help of social media marketing services, businesses should explore the world of social media to run their ad campaigns effectively along with expanding new demographics. 

Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram involves a lot of experimentation which can be one of the drawbacks yet it provides an extensive range of audience for businesses and for promoting ad campaigns. 

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