Website Revamp - Vox City

About Vox City

Vox City is backed by a team of professionals with decades of experience in the travel and tourism industry. Since its launch in 2018, Vox City has been dedicated to providing independent travellers with immersive, self-guided experiences that allow them to explore cities and landmarks on their own terms.


When Turn Up Technologies took on the website revamp project for Vox City, the challenge was to create a digital platform that could effectively showcase their immersive, self-guided city exploration experiences. The existing website lacked a user-friendly interface and failed to capture the essence of Vox City's unique offerings. The company needed a solution to attract more independent travelers and provide them with an engaging platform to discover cities and landmarks effortlessly.

Solution Provided

Turn Up Technologies collaborated closely with Vox City's team to develop a solution that addressed their challenges. We designed a modern, intuitive website that showcased the diverse range of immersive travel experiences available to independent explorers. The new platform incorporated interactive maps, captivating visuals, and curated audio guides in multiple languages, offering users a seamless and personalized city exploration experience.


The revamped Vox City website powered by Turn Up Technologies made a significant impact on the company’s online presence and user engagement. The user-friendly interface attracted more independent travelers, leading to increased website traffic and longer user sessions. With the enhanced platform, Vox City successfully connected with its target audience, and more travelers embraced the immersive, self-guided experiences. The website’s performance boost also translated into improved customer satisfaction and, ultimately, an increase in bookings, solidifying Vox City’s position as a leading player in the travel and tourism industry.
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