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Our data-centric performance marketing and PPC management at Turn up Technologies aim to amplify your brand, boost conversions, and maximize ROI.

Performance Consulting

Guiding businesses strategically to optimize processes and achieve better outcomes.

Retargeting & Remarketing

Drive conversions with targeted campaigns, get connections with past website visitors.

Search Engine Marketing

Enhancing visibility and driving traffic through effective Google Ads management.

Social Media Advertising

Targeting audiences with precision, promoting products through strategic social campaigns.

Affiliate Marketing

Earning rewards by collaborating with partners to drive traffic and boost sales

Email Marketing

Driving brand interaction through personalized email campaigns.


Increasing visitor conversion rates by refining websites for optimal user experience.

Analytics and Reporting

Gaining insights and refining marketing strategies through data analysis.

A/B Testing

Experimenting with variations to identify the most effective content or design elements.

Growing Your Business Online

Our data-centric performance marketing and PPC management at Turn up Technologies aim to amplify your brand, boost conversions, and maximize ROI.

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Expertise in 50+ marketing, web & mobile app technologies

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Our team of paid marketing specialists combines experience, expertise, and innovation, ensuring effective optimization of your marketing budget.
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  • Cost-effective
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  • Qualified Leads
  • Latest Techniques
  • Data Analytical Reports

How Do We Proceed?

At Turn Up Technologies, we leverage these fundamental strategies to globally transform your leads into successful sales and conversions.
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Discover how we transform your aspirations into imaginative designs, exceeding expectations through exceptional service and remarkable results.
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An excellent partner and a creative team. Turn Up Technologies has always surprised us with the quality and reach of their work. 5-star rating to them.


Vox City

Commercial Director | Andy

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Turn Up Technologies  team worked hard to boost our social presence in the early days of our business and created a platform for us to build on and grow into the business we are today.


My Signature Party

Founder | Edna

quote 1-min

Impressive performance in all aspects, consistently ahead of schedule. Exceptional agility, customer support, and social media handling. Highly appreciated.

Screenshot 2023-11-21 213647_11zon

MM Sons

Founder | Hassan

quote 1-min

Impressive team communication, quick grasp of concepts, and top-notch professionalism. Handling social media presence exceptionally well.

Untitled design (17)_11zon

Royal ushane

Founder | Ushane

quote 1-min

We chose TUT based on extensive experience and market presence. Highly satisfied with the app’s look, user-friendliness, and saw high engagement within two weeks. Highly recommended.

Build Me App

Founder |Imran Salahuddin

quote 1-min

TUT demonstrated genuine interest, in delivering quality results for our Skills Valley project at a cost-effective price. Great experience developing a scalable minimum viable product.

Skill Valley

Founder | Mubeen

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    Can I run PPC campaigns on a limited budget?

    yes, you can run PPC campaigns with a limited budget. Careful keyword selection, ad optimization, and ongoing monitoring are key to making the most of a small budget.

    How do I choose the right social media platform for my advertising campaign?

    The choice of platform should align with your target audience and advertising goals. Research your audience demographics and preferences to determine which social media platform will be most effective for your campaign.

    What is A/B testing, and how can I use it in email marketing?

    A/B testing involves sending two or more versions of an email to different segments of your list to determine which one performs better. You can test different elements like subject lines, images, or call-to-action buttons to optimize your campaigns.

    What types of ad formats are available in social media advertising?

    Ad formats vary by platform but can include image ads, video ads, carousel ads, slideshow ads, sponsored content, stories ads, and more. The format you choose should align with your campaign goals and content.

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